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Deluxe Kava Sample Pack

Choose the Deluxe Kava Sample Pack to have a wide variety of kava products to enjoy.

It provides a great introduction to kava by giving you the chance to sample three different types of kava, Instant Micronized Kava, Our flavored Kava Concentrate and Traditional Medium Ground Kava Root Tea.


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The Deluxe Sample Pack includes:

  • (2) 2 oz. Jars of Instant Kava
  • (2) 4 oz. Varieties of Medium Grind Kava Root
  • (2) 2 oz. Bottles of Kava Concentrate - Allergy Warning: These are made with glycerin derived from soy.
  • 1 Bilo Coconut Shell and Stand set
  • 1 strainer to prepare your kava brew!
  • Varieties can include:
    • Vanuatu Borogu Kava Root
      Possibly the most popular of all our kavas for its great all-round effects.
    • Vanuatu Borongoru® Kava Root
      Heavy and relaxing. A good easy afternoon/evening kava. Great for melting away stress or anxiety.
    • Fiji Loa Waka® Kava Root
      Our strongest kava variety and one of the strongest kavas available on the market. Good, balanced effects
    • Pouni Ono Tongan Kava Root.
      Excellent uplifting daytime variety. Great for socializing and creating a clear calm while not making you tired.

New to kava? Read our Easy Preparation Instructions.

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2 reviews for Deluxe Kava Sample Pack
  1. Avatar of dragonflyskyline57

    dragonflyskyline57 (verified owner)

    I love KwK! I’ve just tried the micronized Kava so far in the Ono Tongan and the Loa Waka but they are helping me more than I thought they would. I have severe pain because on peripheral neuropathy and back pain from a car accident and surgery. This Kava helps tremendously with my pain as well as my social anxiety due to years of pain and staying close to home. Thank you KwK! I’ve already ordered my second batch for the month.

  2. Avatar of Matt Bailey

    Matt Bailey (verified owner)

    You guys are awesome!! I ordered the sample pack to help me with withdrawals from buprenorphine and have not been disappointed. Kava has helped my muscle aches and cramps tremendously. I finally have hope that I will be able to get off this bupe after being on them off and on (mostly on) since they came out in the early 2000’s. This is the best kava I’ve tried after trying a few other disappointing brands from headshops and is much cheaper. I found one headshop brand that was good but it was $14 per Oz. I will be getting my kava from here from now on.

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