Melomelo Vanuatu Kava

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This moderately heavy Vanuatu kava is very aptly named… it’s mellow! In smaller servings it is very good for easing anxious thoughts and stress without making you feel sedated. In larger serving sizes it comes on heavier and is good for completely winding down or helping with sleep.

Melomelo is very popular with locals and in Kava Bars (Nakamals)  in Vanuatu— usually leaving very little available for export! After years of searching we were really excited when we finally found a source. It was worth the wait. We purchase straight from the farm, so freshness is guaranteed.

Effects: Heavy (Moderately)

Melomelo kava is an interesting and special variety in our heavy kava varieties line-up.

Chemotype and Root Composition

Testing at a chemotype of 421635 this kava is a mix of 50% lateral roots and 50% basal stump.

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Melomelo Kava

Vanuatu Kava Root Powder straight from the farm in Ambae

We purchase this Nakamal-style Kava straight from the farm so freshness is guaranteed. Grown on Ambae Island in Vanuatu and usually reserved only for the domestic drinking market because it is a very popular local variety. After years of searching, we were happy to secure a source. It’s a very relaxing or mellow if you will 😉 kava that we’re sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Melomelo kava relaxation effects can be a little deceptive at first. With not a lot of headiness, you could be fooled into thinking this Nakamal-style kava is tame when it is not. After two shells the mental and body relaxation effects really kick in.  Everything will seem right in the world again as you experience inner calm and peacefulness and your mood shifts to mellow.


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1/2 lb, 1 lb

8 reviews for Melomelo Vanuatu Kava

  1. John Walker (verified owner)

    It is very well balanced, but more on the heavy side. What I really like is it has a very mild heady effect that doesn’t leave you feeling loopy with brainfog after a heavy session. You feel very….well, mello. 🙂 By far my favorite. The taste does take a little getting used to (not like anyone drinks kava for the taste). It has more of a lemon/pine flavor to it than other kava’s in KWK’s line up. This stuff will help you unwind and make you feel like you don’t have a care in the world. Highly recommended! I can see why it is so popular.

  2. Chris C (verified owner)

    I took one TBSP of Borogu prior to making a traditional batch approximately 2.5 TBSP of MeloMelo. About 30 minutes to an hour later I had mild euphoria and my mood was great. A few hours later it did get a bit heavy with an almost intoxicated feel and mild nausea that was rectified with a meal. Very good kava strain.

  3. Craig.d.heaney (verified owner)

    Probably my favorite kwk variety. Melomelo is the perfect name because it describes the effects perfectly. One shell is all it takes to feel relaxed. Kwk varieties also have the best taste out of all the kava brands I’ve tried.

  4. Simon

    This is the chillest kava I have ever tried. Within a few minutes of drinking you just slow down and get super mellow. It’s got a quite balanced head-body effect that won’t leave you feeling loopy like heady fijian loa waka or sedated like a straight borogu, but right in this sort of Goldilocks zone. The melo melo is quite simply what kava is supposed to be. It hits perfectly every time, and everyone I’ve shared it with has been blown away by just how straight chill this stuff is.

  5. Caruso33 (verified owner)

    I’m SO amazed with this Kava. So, so uplifting. Just erases any and all negative feelings and leaves you clear headed unless you start to push your boundaries with it lol. I’m pleasantly surprised with this Kava, after going through a whole 1/2 pound of it, I can surely say it’s my #1 favorite – so far. I’ve tried several different Kavas, as well. It really is mellow, and surprisingly, it isn’t as heavy as I expected. The effects are rather heady, providing intense, happy vibes that leave you totally and completely just.. mellow. Occasionally I feel so good off this Kava, I get goosebumps, it’s truly unreal how great the feeling is. I’m not real into heavier Kavas as they seem to leave me sleepy well into the next day, but this one is a great in between. That being said, headier Kavas aren’t a big favorite of mine either. I prefer balanced. But this Kava is absolutely unique. A not too heavy all over body relaxation and an amazing, refreshing, euphoric, clear-headed mental experience. The taste is much easier to tolerate than other Kavas as well, it’s actually almost pleasant, to be truthful. A definitely unique Kava and a must try for Kava enthusiasts. A good strain for starters as well, but be careful because it is quite potent! 1 Tablespoon traditionally prepped is enough to give me a great feeling, pushing it past that an even greater feeling but a slight bit of mental cloudiness starts to kick in. Nothing major, I can still function 100% but it’s just that kind of “The Kava is speaking to me” moment. Definitely very, very happy with this Kava. As a final note, there wasn’t much numbing when drinking it either! Which is odd compared to how potent the effects are. The numb is still there, but not nearly as intense as other Kavas. I’ve had more numbing from Kavas that don’t have nearly as much effect, so, kind of unique. But absoluely amazing Kava, overall.
    I know Kava isn’t particularly targeted for depression as much as it is for anxiety – but this strain has done wonders for me on days where my moods are extremely low. I don’t have clinical or diagnosed depression, but everyone gets their bad days and this has been nothing less than phenomenal for that. GREAT Kava.
    I’ve never been so enthusiastic about writing a review for Kava before, but this strain just blew me away. It has never once disappointed me.

  6. James (verified owner)

    My favorite kava by far. Very relaxing but I can still go about my afternoons as usual, and then when I’m ready to sleep it’s no issue and I wake up very rested. Completely knocks out any anxiety or stress. I can’t wait to get some more!

  7. Collin

    Ultimate Dank Sauce right here. Great taste and a very calming, mellow vibe. Blended 50/50 with Borongoru makes for the best evening Kava experience I’ve ever… experienced. Haha.

  8. FB Cruz (verified owner)

    This is an excellent kava with an unusually smooth flavor. As advertised, the kalm comes in waves of slight euphoria and sedation. It falls a bit short on the heaviness but that also means it’s a great early evening kava. Overall very satisfied with the kava and fast shipping.

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