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Loa Waka® Fiji Kava

Fiji Loa Waka is the strongest Fiji kava we carry and one of the strongest kavas on the market. The all round, powerful mind and body relaxation effects of Fiji Loa Waka make it one of our most popular kavas. (Read reviews below). Great for drinking at anytime of the day, smaller servings of Fiji Loa Waka will calm you and lift your mood, while larger servings relax you physically too. Exceptionally high quality, Fiji Loa Waka is shipped to us fresh from the farm.

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Our Strongest Kava

The perfect balanced kava with powerful all-around mind and body relaxation effects

Consistently high reviews - try it out today!

Fiji Loa Waka® is the strongest Fiji kava we carry and one of the strongest kavas on the market. Typically Fiji is known for its weaker varieties of Yaqona (kava). Weaker varieties meet the needs of the local islanders who like to drink kava throughout the day.  We were really pleased to discover this very different, unique, much stronger, yet balanced variety.

The all-around, powerful mind and body relaxation effects are what makes Fiji Loa Waka® one of our most popular kavas, receiving consistently high reviews. Fiji Loa Waka® is great for drinking at any time of the day. Smaller servings will calm you and lift your mood, while larger servings relax you physically too. Shipped to us fresh from the farm,  freshness is guaranteed. This is an exceptionally high-quality, strong kava.

Effects: Balanced

Fiji Loa Waka® is the perfect example of a great balanced kava that provides heady and heavy, total mind and body relaxation effects.

Chemotype and Composition: Chemotype of 463251

Fiji Loa Waka® is distinguished by its high kavalactone (KL) content, much higher than other Fijian kavas which makes it a potent kava variety. We use only Waka (100% lateral roots) for this kava powder.

Reasons to Select Fiji Loa Waka®

  • For a great balanced kava with powerful, overall mind and body relaxation effects.
  • If you are ready to try a stronger, more potent, kava or like your kava strong.
  • When you want a kava that you can drink at anytime of the day.

Give it a try and see if Fiji Loa Waka® is the best kava you've drank!


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43 reviews for Loa Waka® Fiji Kava
  1. Avatar of quillana

    quillana (verified owner)

    Now, that’s is my cup of tea.
    Using half of the recommended lower dose and it goes instantly to the desired lightheadedness and feeling of relaxation and calm. If taken time to strain properly it tastes mild and milky.

  2. Avatar of kavasam

    kavasam (verified owner)

    An interesting variety. 5 rounded tblsp per dose for me. I’m big and pretty much a heavyweight in terms of needing a lot to have any effect. How I process it also makes a a huge difference. I’ve tried many different ways and a particular blender prep works best for me.

    Even though Loa Waka is balanced, it’s not balanced throughout the entire results time. lt starts out heady, then morphs completely into a heavy state. Not like Mahakea which keeps a little of both through the whole time. It just works differently, maybe it’s just how my body reacts. I like it quite a lot and will be getting more. 5 tblsp did not put me on the couch at all. I was very functional and could drive with no problem.

  3. Avatar of David


    This kava is something else. First off, it’s super potent, likely partially because it’s so finely ground. I need about half the number of tablespoons as I do with other kavas. And second, maaaaan is this stuff heady. In small amounts it has stimulating effects for me. But in higher amounts (not even an absurd amount), it’s like nothing I’ve hit with any other kava. I have no idea what people are talking about calling it “balanced” or “perfect for relaxing”. When I have enough of the stuff I’m practically in a different world, listening to music and writing out cool ideas on paper.

  4. Avatar of Owen

    Owen (verified owner)

    TECHNICAL: Medium dose: 4 tbs. Strong dose: 6 tbs.
    Best method of extraction: shake dry root in strainer bag to lightly sift the powder into the bowl. Add 10oz of 120F water per 4tbs and knead firmly for 15 minutes. Add ice for milder taste.
    EFFECTS: This tranquil kava harbors gentle euphoria and a wash of existential calm. A perfect bowl for cleansing evening anxieties.
    DOWNSIDES: Slight nausea occurs in medium and higher doses. Ginger and salty foods seems to help with this. Nausea may persist into the early morning. This may be a result of my extraction methods, diet, or other environmental factors.
    OVERALL: Tranquil, euphoric, strong, and cleansing.

  5. Avatar of kavamehameha

    kavamehameha (verified owner)

    Fantastic, strong Fijian waka. It is heady, but not too much, and also has a slight heavy note in higher doses. Perfect as a daytime kava, or in the evening to unwind. One of the best roots out there!

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