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Quick Kava Sample Pack

Our Quick Kava Sample Pack is designed for anyone wanting quick and easy ways to make a kava drink. It is perfect for those looking to experience the effects of a kava drink for the first time, while not wanting to brew a kava tea the traditional way using Medium Ground Kava Root and a muslin, straining cloth. It is also ideal for those who want to be able to make a kava drink when on the go, traveling, or away from home.


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The Quick Sample Pack includes three 2 oz. jars of different varieties of our Micronized Kava. 1 tablespoon of Micronized Kava into a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice for a quick, great tasting on the go kava drink. No lengthy preparation needed! Enjoy a kava drink anytime!

The Quick Kava Sample Pack includes:

  • (3) 2 oz. Varieties of Micronized Kava Powder which can include:
    • Vanuatu Borogu Kava Root
      Possibly the most popular of all Kava varieties for its great all around effects. Good for daytime or evening use.
    • Vanuatu Borongoru® Kava Root
      Our most special variety. A good afternoon/evening kava. Great for melting away stress or anxiety from the day.
    • Fiji Loa Waka® Kava Root
      Our strongest kava variety and one of the strongest kavas available on the market. Good, balanced effects.
    • Pouni Ono Tongan Kava Root.
      Excellent uplifting daytime variety. Great for socializing and creating a clear calm while not making you tired.

For Micronized Kava, simply stir 1 tablespoon into any non-alcoholic beverage and enjoy! A 2oz jar contains around 11 tablespoons of kava, so you get a total of 33 servings in this Quick Sample Pack.

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4 reviews for Quick Kava Sample Pack
  1. Avatar of Meg

    Meg (verified owner)

    This is a great way to try out the different instant options. I got the Borongoru and the Pouni Ono micronized kava which are both great. The Borongoru especially is very relaxing without muddling the head and it seemed to rest easier in the stomach.

  2. Avatar of Laura

    Laura (verified owner)

    This is an economical way to try some different kava samples and find out which ones you prefer. The micronized powders are quick and easy to mix, and a little more enjoyable to drink. I received one each of Pouni Ono, Fiji Loa Waka and Vanuatu Borogu. All of them were pleasant and effective, but I really enjoyed the Vanuatu Borogu for evening relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

  3. Avatar of Anthony

    Anthony (verified owner)

    I haven’t tried “real kava” by this I mean the medium grain where you brew it yourself. I ordered this pack to give Kava a try because I don’t drink and wanted something to kalm me down, and it was awesome. The taste isn’t as bad as everyone says it is. I like to mix it with my tea, and juice. I have come to find the best way to mask the taste is with apple juice. The sample pack i received came with the BORONGORU, BORONGU, AND THE POUNI ONO. I was satisfied because I had never tried it before and they sent me a variety of three types that all had different effects. I highly recommend the sample pack that way you can try different kinds. THANK YOU!

  4. Avatar of westos444

    westos444 (verified owner)

    I gave a 3 star review only because of taste. I purchased the micronized 3-pack and the 3 Kava Sample Pack with Strainers. It tastes “offensive” (ie dirt water)

    Out of the rarity of having tamarind, I was able to add some of this micronized kava to kill the awful taste! I had some tamarind pods (from Publix ) and boiled them with added ounces of water. I used a fine sifter that I use for Matcha tea and filtered the tamarind pulp into the kava! OMG, the tamarind helped kill and mask the muddy taste for me.

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